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Rosemary McLoughlin is the bestselling author of Tyringham Park. The sequel, Return to Tyringham Park is her second book and is available now. She is also an established artist and has just announced her first solo exhibition, showing in Loretta Meagher's Leinster Gallery, South Frederick St, Dublin in April 2013.

In this video, she talks about her inspiration for Tyringham Park, her experiences of writing and prominent themes in the book. All the artwork shown is her own.

Return to Tyringham Park

The eagerly awaited sequel
Now Available


An admirable doctor in charge of a small, isolated hospital in outback Australia swaps his wifeís second stillborn baby for an identical twin born to an impoverished farmerís wife who already has seven other children. Both mothers are unaware of the deception. Only one person, apart from the doctor, knows what happened, but no one believes him. The doctor leaves for Ireland immediately afterwards so that his crime, committed on impulse, will remain undetected. The stolen twin is destined for a future of privilege as the heir to her aristocratic motherís wealth and status, while her sister in Australia faces a life of hardship and loneliness. The differing fortunes of the twins, the doctorís guilty conscience, the burden of the man who knows, the jealousy of an older sister, the fate of the mothers and the ambitions of the older generation, all combine to create a dramatic and explosive climax.

The long awaited final part of the Tyringham Park saga is brought to its riveting conculsion.

Author Biography

authprofb&w Rosemary McLoughlin, daughter of Eric Fahey and Marie Dawson, was reared in a large family on a farm near the tiny village of Tyringham, surrounded by the towns and cities of Dorrigo, Grafton, Armidale and Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW in Australia. She attended the local one-teacher Glenferneigh Public School where she was lucky to be taught by the inspirational Clive ('Brickie') Barnes who was instrumental in her winning a state bursary to St Mary's College, Grafton. From there she went to UNE in Armidale on a Teachers College Scholarship, and after completing an arts degree and a diploma in education, taught in Wyong, Gilgandra and Young High Schools.

She travelled to Europe by ship and worked as a waitress and barmaid in Powers Hotel in Kildare St (where she met her future husband) and the Lough Swilly Hotel in Buncrana. The marriage to Kevin took place in St Brendan's Cathedral in Loughrea, Co. Galway and the pair settled in Rathmines in Dublin. Eventually two children were born: Cian, who is now a painter, and Orla who works as a counselling psychologist.

'Tyringham Park', her debut novel, took seven years to complete and was published in April, 2012, by Poolbeg Press and spent weeks on the bestsellers list. At the moment she is working on the sequel 'Twelve Thousand Miles' which will be set in both Ireland and Australia.

Artist Biography

Rosemary came late to painting, as she did to everything else. She began by doing pastel portraits of children, and later added oil and acrylic paintings of still life, landscape, interiors and people, selling her work in various galleries around Dublin. In April, 2013, she will be having her first solo show, to be held in Loretta Meagher's Leinster Gallery, South Frederick St, Dublin.

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